Label fabrics

Label fabrics

Eco-friendly recycled materials

This series of products are made of PET chips recovered from plastic bottles through the collection, sterilization, melting and extracting processes.

General materials

This series of products can meet the needs of equipment selected by the label printing factory. The printing effects produced thereby will bring customers the greatest satisfaction.

Biodegradable materials

This series of products reflects worldwide industry players’ demands for protecting the natural environment. Its tearable and biodegradable characteristics can lessen the burdens of mother earth.

Eco-friendly materials

Made of 100% pure cotton, this series of products does not harm the environment and is safe to use.

Thermal transfer printing materials

This series of products can not only be used for the printing of both barcode and two-dimensional barcode, but also comply with the halogen-free label standards for electronic shelf labels (ESL). Moreover, it is also ideal for solvent-free dry ink printing.

Fireproof materials

This series of products are produced with the Company’s most advanced coating technology. With its eco-friendly, toxic-free, fireproof and flame retardant characteristics, it is applicable for baby products and is definitely your No.1 choice.

Woven ribbon

This series of products is offered with high quality and competitive price that meet your needs for woven ribbon products.

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