Furniture fabric

Furniture fabric

Woven jacquard fabric

The woven jacquard fabric can be made with numerous green and healthcare materials, such as tencel cotton blend (Tencel), temperature control fabric (Outlast and Clima), seaweed yarn, flame retardant yarn, bamboo coal yarn, natural cotton yarn, germanium element, nano silver ion and anion, to provide anti-mildew, deodorant, antibacterial, flame retardant (fireproof) and other additional functions. The diverse unicolor, bicolor or multicolor patterns designed according to the market trends makes your comfortable home even more cozy and inviting.

Special feature: The fabric width can reach 210 cm to 215 cm.

Knitted jacquard fabric

The knitted jacquard fabrics are produced with 34” to 38” computer jacquard knitting machines by a dedicated design team, with the aspiration to continuously expand the range of customized products and create innovative patterns. Together with the use of various functional yarns, this series of products offers customers a great choice for having elegant and functional mattress fabric.

Special feature: The fabric width can reach 80” to 92″. This series of products is applicable to quilting fabric that is relatively thicker and larger mattress.

Fabric with prints

Printed with screen (silk) and planographic printing presses, the fabric is woven with a width of 82” / 84”. Examples are Tricot, T/C and CVC fabrics.

Fabric accessories

Breathable fabric, sandwich fabric, fish net, perspiration fabric, and anti-slip fabric that are used as the cover or lining of different types of pillows, latex beds, memory form beds, sewing thread (SP thread), and mattress tape.

Latest new materials

Eco-friendly yarn, seaweed fiber yarn, German medical zinc oxide fiber, graphene yarn, antibacterial Iodine yarn, cooling yarn and so on.

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